Supply Your Business With the Proper Gases

Find calibration, laser, laboratory or welding gas in Evansville, IN

Does your factory or plant rely on gas? Evansville Welding Supply LLC is an industry leader of bulk, industrial, and specialty gasses in the Evansville & Jasper, IN, area. We utilize TrackAbout, a cylinder tracking system that tracks our cylinders throughout the entire process from filling the cylinder to the delivering of the cylinder. Additionally, it helps with cylinder utilization and accurate billing.

You'll get top-quality products from us. Our gases are:

  • Industrial-grade
  • High-purity grade
  • Ultra-high-purity grade
  • Zero-grade
  • EPA-protocol grade

You won't have to worry about finding the products you need. We have them all. Order from a trusted industrial gas supplier in Evansville & Jasper, IN, today.

Products for every application

Products for every application

Many clients come to us for welding mixes. These blended gas combinations enhance welding characteristics. If you need calibration, laser, laboratory or welding gases, you can count on us. Plus, gasses like oxygen, argon, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, propane and propylene are all available in bulk.

Looking for something specific? Ask us about our products now. You can call us at 812-842-3600.


  • Oxygen
  • Acetylene
  • Nitrogen
  • Helium
  • Argon
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Argon/CO2
  • Welding Tri-Mix
  • Laser Gas
  • Calibration Gases
  • Laboratory Gases
  • Liquid Oxygen
  • Liquid Nitrogen
  • Liquid Argon
  • Propane
  • Propylene
  • Methane
  • Air Quality Mixes
  • Hydrogen
  • Compressed Air
  • Breathing Air

All Grades

  • Industrial
  • Dry
  • Zero
  • High Purity
  • Ultra High Purity
  • Certified
  • EPA Prot